Member Benefits

The Association offers a number of benefits to members to enable them to carry out their obligations as audit committee members on an informed basis. These include

  • Timely technical updates, and discounted rates on all deliverables
  • Training programs at 60% to 80% of the cost. The Association will use accredited lecturers and provide certificates upon completion of the respective course.
  • Conferences, conference calls and web-casts on best practices and technical developments in the regulatory environment
  • Resource centre with links to relevant websites
  • Newsletter on technical issues
  • Sample tools and templates for use by audit committees including charters, self- assessment questionnaires, etc.
  • Access to an independent technical forum to obtain advice on related issues and concerns
  • Access to a secure message board on which members can anomalously share information and experiences, pose and answer questions, and otherwise discuss topics of interest.
  • Support through the Association’s membership base, affording the opportunity for discreet peer-to-peer discussion on issues facing members.
    Support through the promotion of a professional and ethical culture in the functioning of audit committees throughout the region, as defined in the Code of Practice